What it’s all about

Today I had a deep and newfound realization of how important it is to have close friends by your side throughout this crazy life.

And the realization came about while on my yoga mat.

Let me explain…

I just finished a six-week yoga challenge that was one of the most physically and mentally challenging things i’ve voluntarily done in quite awhile.

To complete the challenge, you’re required to take four hot yoga classes plus one educational workshop every week for six weeks straight. Not only was it challenging from a scheduling perspective, but it was also incredibly demanding on my body and a whirlwind on my mind.

Luckily one of my best girlfriends, Hannah, was there by my side. We signed up for the challenge together, and even though we didn’t take every class together, we were there to hold each other accountable and push through to the finish line.

It was not always easy. By week five I was in a “screw this, what the hell was I thinking?!” mood and nearly quit. I was so frustrated that I honestly started to resent yoga altogether.

But having a close friend to help me keep the silver lining in sight got me through it.

Tonight they held a celebratory yoga class for everyone who completed the challenge, and I was so drained that I almost bailed on it. I figured “I already did the challenge, why go to another class now when i’m exhausted and just want to stay home and read?”

But then two things happened:

  1. Hannah said she was going, so at least I knew I wouldn’t be there “alone”.
  2. My friend Brittany sent me the sweetest text message that, unknowingly to her, actually encouraged me to go because I knew it would be in the interest of good self care.

So I went. And shocking to probably no one, I had the BEST class.

There were over 60 people there so the positive energy was contagious. I had so much fun. I laughed. I smiled. I kicked ass in some of the more challenging poses i’ve been working on. And I just felt good.

As we closed out our practice my heart felt full and my body felt strong. In my mind, I thought back to the conversation I had with Brittany and realized, “this is what it’s all about.”

It’s about celebrating your accomplishments.

It’s about listening to your gut and being true to yourself.

It’s about recognizing who is by your side.

You need people in your life who can redirect you, nudge you in the direction of kindness, and guide you back to your best self.

After all, having friends there to remind you of those positive moments in life is what it’s all about.


Your tribe

One of the hardest parts about growing up is that more often than not, you end up living in a different city than the majority of your best friends. And if you’re as fueled by relationships as I am, that is a difficult reality to live with.

Fortunately, I was able to spend time with a group of some of my closest girlfriends this weekend. We planned the weekend around an event called Wanderlust, which is a “mindful triathlon” that includes a 5k race, yoga, and meditation. Although the weather caused us to adjust some of our original plans, the weekend turned out to be just as peaceful as we intended it to be.

There is nothing like the joy of empowering your friends to do their best in a physical challenge, and then laughing the night away afterward while eating pizza, drinking wine, and lounging in your sweatpants. It was a balanced and empowering weekend that left me feeling both uplifted and fulfilled.


The strong friendships in my life are so dear to my heart. And while living far away is difficult, it also makes weekend trips like this more meaningful than ever before. It reaffirms how imperative it is to make time for the people and relationships that make us who we are. 

So if you’re like me and have friends who don’t live nearby, make plans to visit. If you can’t accommodate a visit, make plans to have regular conversations… and that means more than just texting.

These relationships are the important things in life. More than money, more than work, and much more than materialistic items. It all comes down to the people who fill your heart with joy. They’re your tribe. Love them hard.