How I Build My Future

If you don’t already know this about me, I’m a big fan of the TV show How I Met Your Mother. Tonight was the series finale and, to no surprise, it had me laughing and crying all at once. What can I say? I wear my emotions for the world to see!

One of the main takeaways from the show, and especially in tonight’s finale, was that you want your close group of friends to be there for your “big moments,” aka the weddings, children, career advancements, etc.

Of course, this idea had my mind racing. I’m 24 years old, turning 25 in a few months. I’m at that phase in my life where my friends are starting to get married and have kids, some already do. It’s so exciting to be a part of those moments, yet I keep thinking to myself that there were so many smaller moments that led up to those big milestones.

Before my best girlfriends were in long-term relationships that have or will eventually lead to marriage, there were smaller moments that got them there. There were nights of trash talking our exes and sobbing as we ate out of an ice cream carton. There were the butterfly moments of, “Oh my gosh, do you think he even likes me? Should I say something? What should I do?” Those moments seem trivial in retrospect, but they were imperative to get to the big moments that are happening now.

Before both myself and my friends landed jobs that we were actually excited to have, there were many dreadful moments that we went through together. Moments where I scooped ice cream for hours just to make a paycheck that covered not much more than the gas money that it took to get me there; time spent on the phone complaining and talking about how one day these ridiculous jobs would help us pave the way to where we truly wanted to end up.

Well that one day is starting to turn into today. And looking back, I am incredibly grateful that I was there for those now-trivial moments that brought me here. I know that when my big moments continue to come for both myself and the people who matter most in my life, they will mean so much more because the time it took for them to happen was spent with none other than those who helped me get there. 

It’s fascinating to me that each and every choice, action, and step we take very realistically shapes our lives and the futures we build for ourselves. We may fall and stumble and sometimes cry our way through it all, but if we have the right people by our sides — the ones who we trust, care for, and genuinely adore — then at least we can rest assured that our future will be worth the wait.

The big moments count, but don’t forget that the little moments are what it takes to get you there.


Dreamin’ up a storm

I’m in love with a lot of ideas.

I love the idea of traveling all over the world. I can close my eyes and see myself on the beaches of Australia and Greece, the green hillsides of Ireland, lost in the city of Chicago, giddy with excitement watching a giraffe in its natural habitat (fun fact: they’re my favorite animal.) I’m proud of the travels I’ve embarked upon thus far, but traveling is something I plan to do for the rest of my life.

California lovin'
California lovin’

I love the idea of growing as a professional. This idea is going to be constantly in motion. I am at an incredible place with my career right now; It’s hard for me to believe that I am just shy of being two years out of college. The mentors I have been fortunate enough to have in my life have allowed me to challenge myself in terms of what I’ve learned, as well as what I want out of my career. A professor once told me, “your career will be a zig-zag path, not a straight line.” He was right. The day I stop learning and growing is the day that I make my next zig-zag. Right now, however, I couldn’t be happier with the path I’m on.

My motivational year-long success board at work
“One year from now, what will have made the past 12 months a success?” My motivational year-long-success board at work.

I love the idea of being in love (again). If you’ve never been over-the-moon in love with someone, I encourage you to be vulnerable and think of how you can allow love to more easily incorporate itself into your life. If you’ve been in love before and it slapped you in the face and left you heartbroken, I encourage you to work on acceptance so that it does not hold you back from future possibilities. Being in love in a healthy, mutual way is, to me, the greatest joy I have ever known. I am a sap, though, so take that into account. However, the day that timing and chemistry line up in perfect unison and present me with the love that will last until the day I leave this Earth, I will shout it from the rooftops and never look back.


I love the idea of being a mom and raising a family (when I’m ready, people!) I am blessed to have two incredible role models as parents, as well as a niece who reminds me every day that there is nothing more pure than the innocence and candidness of a child. There are some things that you just know you want to happen in your life without a shred of a doubt. Having a family and being a great mom is one of them for me.


Reading Alice her letter from Santa on Christmas morning
Reading Alice her letter from Santa on Christmas morning

These are all dreams of mine that I’m eager to have come to fruition. Yet I think back and realize that many of my accomplishments were once just simple ideas that I was in love with. There were days when I dreamt of going away to college, giving the commencement speech at my graduation, landing my first job and coaching a cheerleading team. Those dreams are now realities I have proudly checked off of my personal to-do list.

If the dreams in your head present themselves time and time again, that is a sign you just cannot afford to ignore. Chase them. Fight for them. Pour your heart and soul into them until those dreams you’re so in love with turn into the life you’re proud to call your own.