I got stopped by a lady cop

When life hands you lemons, sometimes it makes you a little bitter. And by lemons, I mean traffic tickets.

Initially this may seem like a bit of a rant, but bear with me until the end. It all comes together, I promise.

I coach the JV cheerleading team at North Tonawanda High School. In order to coach, you have to have your fingerprints done. My scheduled appointment was for 9 a.m. this morning. I let my boss know the day before that I would be a little late to work and I was set to go.

Here are the events leading up to my tiny little prints getting scanned:

Sleepy little me decided to press the snooze button one too many times. I mean, have you listened to the new alarm tones for iOS7? They’re so relaxing! I couldn’t help but stay snuggled up in bed for a few extra minutes.

Already a little behind, I of course took way too long deciding which color blazer I wanted to wear. God forbid my color combination wasn’t on point for a day that entailed sitting behind a giant computer screen. If only I were allowed to wear crew neck sweatshirts to work…

Finally dressed, out the door I went. I walked down the street, hopped into my car and was ready to go. But wait! I left my lunch box on my dining room table. Since I am trying to eat healthier and didn’t want to fall back on buying cafeteria food, back up to my apartment I went.

Okay, okay. Now I’m ready to go. I hopped on the 190S to head to North Tonawanda. Four exits later I realize I AM GOING THE WRONG WAY. Muscle memory is a real problem when you’re taking a quick break from a normal routine. I got off at the next exit (way down by the Outer Harbor if you’re familiar with Buffalo,) and started my journey yet again.

With my mind on where I had to go rather than where I was, my heart dropped down to my tiny toes when I saw a cop car up on the side of the road ahead of me. Checked my speedometer. 64 in a 45. Good job, Katie.

Flashing a pitiful and worry-ridden pout face, I said “Yes, officer. I know why I’m being pulled over. I really apologize.”

She had zero sympathy. Not even a little bit. Dangit all.

20 minutes and one court date later, I finally made it to the high school for my appointment which I was now 40 minutes late to.


Yes, capital letters were required.

If I had just woken up at the sound of the first alarm, If I didn’t make a crime scene out of my room by going through my entire closet, If I had remembered to grab my lunch, If I had gotten on the right highway the first time…

If, If, If.

I played the events of my morning in my head over and over again and then I realized it was doing me no good. I can’t go back and change how it all happened. You’re going to make mistakes, wake up late, have a lead foot when driving to get somewhere “important” and kick yourself for it later on.

Sometimes you really just have to forgive yourself for being a total and complete idiot.

Buffalo, in the four years I have had a car in this city, I have officially given you $560 in parking tickets and I’m sure that number will go up by a few hundred after my court date for this incident.

You’re welcome for all of my money. Go buy yourself something nice.


A little dirt never hurt

Short and sweet: nine lessons I learned from my weekend away in the woods.

1. Using a saw and a sledge hammer is incredibly cathartic. Mad? Upset? Stressed? Answer = find an enormous log and do whatever it takes to break it in half.

Just a little stress relief
Just a little stress relief. Cute fuzzy socks, right?

2. “No Service” should become your two favorite words at least once a year. The views beyond the screen of your iPhone are worth taking an extra day to respond to that email.

On top of the world
On top of the world

3. Reading a good book by flashlight underneath the stars can bring you more peace of mind than the best yoga class or any bite from your favorite chocolate bar. Okay, that last part may be a lie. But it’s an incredibly close call!

Take your mind elsewhere.

4. Rain is no reason to stay indoors. You’ll dry off eventually. Go outside and play in the mud like you were a little kid. It’s good for you.

The biggest fan of candids you’ll ever meet.

5. Conflicts, especially in scheduling, can be adapted to. If the cause is important enough, it’s always worth the compromise.

Sometimes home is only a cup of coffee away.
Sometimes home is only a cup of coffee away.

6. The company you keep and make time for is a true reflection of yourself and your values. Choose wisely.

Brian, myself and Joe

7. You don’t come across double rainbows often. Pull over to the side of the road and take a picture.

“Getting lost is not a waste of time.”

8. Give me a waterfall, I’ll climb it. Give me a river, I’ll cross it. Don’t say no to adventure when it’s right in front of your face.


9. No matter where your travels take you, the most important places are often the ones that have allowed you to grow: emotionally, professionally, spiritually. Those places never really leave you, not if you don’t let them.

Just a tiny spec in awe of the world around me.
Just a tiny spec in awe of the world around me.

Get away while you can, even just for a short while. Somehow, leaving always ends up bringing you back right where you belong.