Good things lie ahead.

You can plan ahead all you want. You can take your time, be careful, pay attention to every detail, not overstep your boundaries, say and do all of the right things at the perfect moment and not miss a single beat. Yet you could still fail.  Things can still backfire, get thrown in your face, or simply fall apart. When that happens, it’s useless to ask yourself, “why did this happen, I thought I did everything right.” Life is sarcastically deceptive that way, it has a way of making sure that things don’t always end up the way you had them envisioned in your mind.

And in that moment it feels devastating, as if something has gone wrong, when in actuality, it’s just life’s way of testing you and making sure you’re strong, humble, and grateful enough to appreciate what is really in store for you. Good things lie ahead, don’t be misled by the temporary obstacles that are blocking your path. They go away, and in their place is something beautiful and worthwhile. Because the second that the devastation and pain get pushed to the side, one thing remains: hope.