About Katie


Ever wonder who the quirky blonde is behind the posts you read? That’s me! I’m a 33 year old ball of energy living life out loud in Rochester, NY.

After spending nearly a decade in Buffalo and Chicago, I love the fact that all roads have led me back home to Rochester. I was born and raised here, fell in love here, bought my first home here, and just recently got married here. This city is a key piece of my story.

Over the years, I have quite literally trained my brain to think optimistically and learn the lesson in every situation – both good and bad.

My blog started back in 2011 as an assignment for a social media marketing class I took in college (fun fact: my blog was originally called “Cheer Dummy”, which is a story for another day.) Little did I know I would fall in love with sharing my writing online, and the blog became a compilation of the lessons and silver linings I found day in and day out.

As the world of social media evolved, I found myself using Instagram as my blog in many ways. But after awhile I was drawn back to this website as my central home for cathartic writing. I’m excited to make this website my local stomping ground again.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog and the links to some of my favorite things I couldn’t resist sharing. I have a deep desire to connect with others, so more than anything I hope you’ll strike up a conversation when you feel inclined. I promise it won’t go unnoticed.

xo Katie Welker

photo by alexis wegman


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