The truth is, moving on is a phenomenon that is beyond our comprehension. It occurs only with a precise measure of timing in combination with a unanimous decision between our heart and our mind that clearly states, ‘I have had enough.’ It comes like a thief in the night, followed by the onset of inexplicable inner peace, and the acceptance of circumstances we once could not fathom to be real. It is a privilege granted to those who endure, those determined to not only survive, but live again.


– MJ Falco


Don’t wait.

Say it. The words you’ve been holding back. The feelings you’ve repressed. The memories you want to resurface. The forgiveness you want to give. The ‘I love you’s’ you may be scared of. Say it.

Do it. Send the letter you were always too scared to send. Take the vacation you’ve been dying to go on. Strike a conversation with a stranger. Run through your neighborhood, even if just for a few minutes. Visit family who aren’t promised to be here tomorrow. Do it.

Feel it. The hurt you’ve suffered. The joy you have been blessed with. The frustrations that bother you. The appreciation of the little things. The satisfaction of success. The love of another. Feel it.

What if you woke up tomorrow with only things you were thankful for today? Now is the time to start living in the moment.