Share your joys

Some of my most memorable times have been the nights where I’m exhausted laying in bed thinking, “there’s no way i’m going out tonight” and then of course end up going out anyway. More so this past year and a half than ever before, I have found great reward in just saying “yes” even when I’m a little apprehensive. This weekend was one of those times.

One of my best girlfriends Alisha, who just so happens to be my former college cheerleading coach, got a new job. Celebrations were in order. I’m familiar with the group of friends she was going out with, but am not particularly close with any of them. It was also pouring rain outside. I went out with the mentality that if I wasn’t having fun I could always leave and go home. But who am I kidding, fun is what you bring with you. [Corny Katie.]

I ended up having such a blast: further developed new friendships, laughed until my stomach hurt and, of course, danced my big old heart out. Side note: I have an incredible amount of respect for a good DJ.

I’m a big advocate of taking time for reflection in your life, and that is not just limited to the difficult situations that inevitably happen, it goes for the fun experiences, too. This morning/afternoon was filled with reflection. Recapping the weekend with Alisha as we grabbed coffee and then laughing until I nearly cried at brunch with 12+ people who could barely form a cohesive sentence was nothing short of hilarious. As I left brunch and walked back to my apartment (in the beautiful sunshine which was honestly picture-perfect,) I could not help but feel overwhelmingly grateful for the balanced life that I have been blessed with.

Here’s what this weekend further confirmed for me:

New relationships take time to develop, but if genuine people come into your life who treat you with respect then you would be foolish to not invest the initial effort and energy to turn strangers into friends.

It’s so cliche’, but you really will not remember the time you spent sleeping away your weekends. I’m young. I’m a ball of energy. I’m exhausted during the week but I have never once looked back and thought, “wow I was so sleepy at my desk that week.” I think, “wow I had such a blast celebrating the accomplishments of my best friends.” Save the excessive sleep for when you’re dead.

If people want to bring negativity with them wherever they go, let them. You have to choose who you want to spend your efforts and energy on. I will never understand why, but some people just find joy in being malicious and deceitful. To hell with them. They’re not worth my time and I hope you are self-aware and confident enough to dismiss those people when they come into your life. Adios, suckers.

A balanced life is a beautiful life in my eyes. Before I went out dancing I spent six hours at a juice bar doing work and I’m currently at a coffee shop finishing up even more work. I finally got back on track with my volunteer work and I somehow found time to do a load of dishes. It’s not all fun, but it can most certainly all be worthwhile.

Don’t let your priorities slip through the cracks, but make sure you’re taking time for the people who bring happiness into your life. What good are the triumphs of your life if you have no one to celebrate them with? Life is better when your joys are shared.

Alisha and me celebrating her new job!
Alisha and me celebrating her new job!

It’s not broken

I don’t have time for someone else. You can go ahead and call me a nasty name for being so forward about it, but I’m only 24 years old, and to me, being selfish is okay right now. I suppose I could readjust my priorities, stay up a little later every night and attempt to integrate another person into my scattered routine. I could. But I probably won’t.

You would have to sweep me off of my feet, push my buttons without offending me, play into my lame jokes, be as flexible as a freshly cooked piece of spaghetti with my hectic schedule and drive me crazy in the best way possible in order for me to even consider it. And even then, I’m not sure I would want to give up the lifestyle that I have right now.

I like not having to think twice when I say “yes” to every crazy idea that comes my way.

I like going to the gym at whatever time I want and not worrying about getting ready all over again. The dinner I’d rush to get ready for would probably cost too much and be less exciting than the episode of The Newsroom I specifically bought HBO for or the rerun of How I Met Your Mother that I will undoubtedly laugh at.

I like having my bed to myself even though I only take up one tenth of its entirety.

I like sitting on my kitchen counter top with my roommate before dinner and talking about life’s confusion and the humorous situations we find ourselves wrapped up in.

It’s cliche’, but if I’m not totally satisfied with myself and my life then I can’t possibly give another person what they deserve from me in a relationship. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve myself and my circumstances. Maybe it’s a never-ending chase for more intrinsic fulfillment, but it’s a journey I’m enjoying right now.

It should be a priority to take care of yourself first. If not, who will? Love will come at some point in the future. It has always snuck up on me when I’ve expected it the least and I have no doubt it will come about in the same way again. Maybe in three years, maybe when I’m old and retired, who knows, maybe tomorrow. I’ll be ready for it when it does, but I’m not eager.

All I know is this: my life isn’t broken, so I’m not about to go on a search to find something or someone to fix it up. I’m a sucker for love, but i’m not foolish enough to settle.

Hey, you know they’re all the same.
You know you’re doing better on your own, so don’t buy in.
Live right now.
Yeah, just be yourself.
It doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else.
It just takes some time, little girl you’re in the middle of the ride.
Everything (everything) will be just fine, everything (everything) will be alright (alright).