Something old

2018 was one of the more ‘solid’ years i’ve had in awhile. It of course had its ups and downs, but it was a year that had me feeling like, well, me. I felt in my own skin more than not, and that was a feeling I want to continue to nourish.

I started a new job at my old company, Creative Circle, and am on a great path with my career. I’m surrounded by people who are creative, smart, kind, and who make me want to do better work each day.

This year I also continued to have the privilege of coaching my old high school cheerleading team. It’s the most challenging job i’ve ever had, but it is easily the most rewarding. I love those girls to pieces and I love watching them grow, both as athletes and as people.

In the past year, a fire has started to burn inside of them. They know they can compete against other incredible teams and hold their own. They know they can go out there and show people how talented and capable they are.

And even though working with a group of teenagers can be tough, it’s pushed me to continue to develop myself as a coach and as a person. I’ve certainly had my own ups and downs, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am a better person because of my experience as a coach. It pushes me to my brink and challenges me to my core, but it brings out so much passion in me that each day i’m overwhelmingly grateful to have this specific opportunity with the old program that raised me.

Most important of all, I spent a lot of time this year with the same friends and family who i’ve had in my corner for too many years to count. My boyfriend and I have now been together for a solid three years, and the foundation we’ve built in that time is more fulfilling than anything i’ve ever known.

I’ve been proactive in spending quality “gal pal” time with some of the most genuine friends I could have ever asked for. My family continues to find ways to be grateful for one another and the life we’ve been given no matter what the circumstances are. We have each others backs and always say “I love you” to one another… what more could I ask for?

So at a time where many are focused on being a “new” version of themselves, or adding “new” goals onto their plates, perhaps it’s just as important that we focus on the old… the familiar.

Let’s be honest about our expectations for ourself, stay close to what already feels good, get rid of what doesn’t serve us, and remember that sometimes finding the best version of yourself doesn’t require you to add on “new” things, it just requires you to look deep inside at what’s been there all along.




Your tribe

One of the hardest parts about growing up is that more often than not, you end up living in a different city than the majority of your best friends. And if you’re as fueled by relationships as I am, that is a difficult reality to live with.

Fortunately, I was able to spend time with a group of some of my closest girlfriends this weekend. We planned the weekend around an event called Wanderlust, which is a “mindful triathlon” that includes a 5k race, yoga, and meditation. Although the weather caused us to adjust some of our original plans, the weekend turned out to be just as peaceful as we intended it to be.

There is nothing like the joy of empowering your friends to do their best in a physical challenge, and then laughing the night away afterward while eating pizza, drinking wine, and lounging in your sweatpants. It was a balanced and empowering weekend that left me feeling both uplifted and fulfilled.


The strong friendships in my life are so dear to my heart. And while living far away is difficult, it also makes weekend trips like this more meaningful than ever before. It reaffirms how imperative it is to make time for the people and relationships that make us who we are. 

So if you’re like me and have friends who don’t live nearby, make plans to visit. If you can’t accommodate a visit, make plans to have regular conversations… and that means more than just texting.

These relationships are the important things in life. More than money, more than work, and much more than materialistic items. It all comes down to the people who fill your heart with joy. They’re your tribe. Love them hard.