Just another Tuesday

You know those friends who you can walk away from feeling more at ease, as if they instilled a whole new sense of serenity over you in just a brief amount of time? Today I grabbed coffee with that friend of mine. He has kind eyes and an even sweeter soul, and our conversation gave me the clarity and perspective that I needed.

Since I leave for Chicago in about two weeks, I was grateful to be able to sit down with him for a few hours to talk and catch up.

We talked a lot about what we have ahead of us in the next year, particularly my upcoming adventure to a whole new city. It will be my biggest move to date, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t stressed, confused and slightly overwhelmed. My friend could sense I was a bit anxious about how big of a change this is going to be, and he offered me some great advice.

He said, “The best thing you can do is go to Chicago and just be present each day. Wake up on a Tuesday and think, ‘it’s just a Tuesday in Chicago.’ Meet new people, get lost, explore what the city has to offer… but make sure to just be present for one moment and one day at a time. Anything else will be overwhelming.”

Just a Tuesday in Chicago. That really stuck with me.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with flights in and out of Buffalo, apartment hunting, paperwork, endless phone calls, cleaning, and the obvious packing. Not to mention making time to see my family and friends.

With such a life-changing transition ahead of me, his simple, “It’s just a Tuesday in Chicago” mentality funneled my worries down and gave me an incredible peace of mind.

Sometimes when life has your head spinning and you can’t seem to get a grip on what to do, remember that slowing down can be the best way to speed up.

Even with a major challenge, adventure, or change ahead of you, thinking “it’s just another Tuesday” can give you the perfect dose of realistic perspective to ease your worries, and in turn, make the journey that much more rewarding.

Chicago skyline. [photo via fansshare.com]


It happens every year, particularly in the summer. The sun comes out and all I want to do is hop on a plane or jump in a car and go somewhere new. And that’s just what i’ve been doing lately.

A few weeks ago I spent some time exploring the beautiful city of Boston (don’t worry, I stayed away from Fenway Park. Go Yankees!) Last weekend I went to Pittsburgh and packed in as much adventure into my 36-hour trip as possible. A few days ago I booked a trip to visit my friend in Chicago over 4th of July weekend. I’m heading to Toronto for a concert tomorrow, and to top it off, I have my family reunion in Maine later this summer. Needless to say, all of my senses are urging me to wander.

As i’ve traveled from place to place, i’ve had more time than usual to reflect on what this mysterious life is all about. More specifically, i’ve thought about how critical our location is in determining how our life unfolds. 

Think about it. Almost everything that happens to you is predicated upon where you live: the work you do, who you surround yourself with (and who you meet by happenstance) your daily routine, your successes and failures…. it’s all victim to your location.

A woman who I know through social media and respect very much wrote a short Facebook post the other day that made me think about my notion of location in a new way. She said, “Sometimes, home isn’t where you live. It’s where you come alive.”

At some points in our lives, we choose the location and the home that invigorates us; maybe we move away to a new city for school, a job, or a relationship. But at other times, I think it’s fair to say that our home can also choose us without much rhyme or reason. As though choice and serendipity work together to place us where we belong.

And the idea that our home isn’t necessarily a physical address, but more of a place that makes us feel our most genuine and joyful selves, is a calming thought in my chaotic mind. Isn’t it peaceful to know that we can have multiple places which we call home?

Because if that’s the case, then the idea that location dictates nearly everything about our life isn’t so scary anymore… it’s actually pretty exciting.

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