Things really are as they seem

Isn’t it strange how a circumstance or an event can surround you for hours, days, weeks, months, sometimes even years on end, but you can still remain completely blind to the truth of it? Until that one moment when something hits you. Something opens your eyes and makes you think twice – as if some alternative form of your self was tapping you on the shoulder telling you that things really are as they seem. They are not altered to your preference, they are not subject to circumstance, and they are not misconstrued because of your own optimistic ideals. Things are what they are. People are depicted by their actions and their words and the choices that they make. And when you’re looking at that pile of choices that others have made that have affected you so deeply for so long, you may find yourself wondering how it got so big — how you got to be standing in front of it, faced with a choice of whether to go around it or to work through it. That is your moment. It is the moment in which clarity is found and you finally know what it is that’s best for you, and not for anyone else.

The hardest part about that moment is that it comes with responsibility. You know what’s best for you, but are you brave enough to follow through with the necessary steps it takes to bring happiness upon yourself? Are you courageous enough to not drag your past into your future where it so clearly does not belong? And are you appreciative enough of yourself to know that what’s best for you must take priority over absolutely everything and everyone else? It is in this moment that you choose whether or not to grow, to gain strength, to acquire wisdom, and to allow all of the wonderful possibilities of life to make their way into your heart.


3 thoughts on “Things really are as they seem

  1. I believe this really speaks to the beginning of your post:
    There are always some things we can’t see ourselves and you know you have a great support network of people who genuinely care about you when they will actually bring to your attention the things you wouldn’t or couldn’t see yourself. And just as you said, that is your moment to either shine or fade. Either take it upon yourself to do something about it or let it just get worse. But you have to hope that there are those who will put a mirror to your face and help you see the things you were not able to. Even fortune tellers do not see everything. Haha, you have no idea how much these pertain to me at the moment. But yeah, cheers.


    1. I love that you can relate to them! I think it’s so funny and so awesome that sometimes when you hit rock bottom or just find yourself going through a difficult time, you come to realize that you are not the only one. It’s nice to have a support system, especially when it comes at a time that you need it the most.


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