Put the past away

Looking back is horrifying. Even if the things, people, and memories that are in your past are beautiful. Because no matter what you look back on, you have to acknowledge the fact that it’s not there anymore. It’s gone. And you can’t get it back. And that realization that what you once had no longer exists is horrifying. It’s scary as hell. So scary, in fact, that it can keep you from living in the moment and taking everything good around you for granted like you should. Because what if what’s around us right now isn’t as good as what once was? What if it doesn’t provide us with the same happiness?

But what’s even scarier than wondering if the past will ever measure up to our future, is not taking the chance to find out for ourself. Letting your past dictate your present and your future is scary. Letting someone else control your circumstances and your emotions is scary. But taking your life in your own hands and being grateful for the simple things that you have in this very moment… that’s empowering. That’s courageous. And that is what you must focus on in order to push the fears of your past out of your way so that you can focus on the wonderful things that are making up your present.


One thought on “Put the past away

  1. You have the “Attitude of Gratitude”. I love it…….. You, Miss Katie Costello have been an inspiration to me. Love you ………..


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