Stop reliving it

Reliving a bad experience is going to do nothing but bring back negative feelings and hurt. Talking over and over again about situations that have disappointed you will do nothing but prevent any possible healing. Fighting against circumstances that are thrown in your face with no hope for reversal will do nothing but aggravate and frustrate you. So do yourself a favor… make a choice. Make a choice to focus on something other than past struggles. Make a choice to work towards accepting things that you simply cannot change. Make a choice to keep a small piece of hope in your heart that a lesson will be learned from the bad things that have happened. And most importantly, make a choice, every single day, to be happy.


3 thoughts on “Stop reliving it

  1. And oftentimes it isn’t that one needs to focus on something other than past struggles or conflicts or wrongdoings. I have just recently found that It is that one needs to learn to better employ forgiveness. Forgiveness of others obviously, but most importantly of ones self (we are always the hardest on ourselves and are always the most blind to that fact). Either way, at the end of the day it is forgiveness that will allow you to wake up the next morning with a glass not already filled to the brim with stress and angers and anxiety. It will not only allow for that day to be filled with more good than bad, but it will allow you to see and fill your glass with more of the good already present around you. I have just come to this realization myself… if only I had come across the knowledge 15 years ago when I began to have problems with it. Anyways, you hit it on the nose. Cheers.


    1. I agree with you one hundred percent. Forgiveness is so much easier said than done, which is one of life’s many frustrations I suppose. Recently I’ve found myself relying on the “let go and let god” mantra. I believe in a higher power of some sort (not exactly sure what), and realizing that I can give my frustrations over to someone with more power is really invigorating. And when I don’t have the strength to do my own forgiveness, I let the higher power take care of that, too. It’s a nice feeling 🙂


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