Little nudges

July was rough for me.

My sweet, 92-year old grandma passed away. My husband had a severe allergic reaction to poison ivy that lasted almost a full month. Others in my family had some big health scares. Close friends of mine went through a number of hardships.

It was a lot. I would tell myself, “Okay, I’m ready for something good now.” And then a new piece of bad news would hit.

Of course, there were good things that happened, too. There were sweet moments and weddings and birthdays and smiles and laughter. They were just fewer and farther between, and they were layered with mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

Yet today is August 1st.

A new month.

A clean slate.

Some may think it’s cheesy to consider a flip of the calendar a chance to start fresh, but not me. I constantly look for little nudges that get me out of my mental slumps.

So yesterday, the last day of July, I decided to let August 1st be a chance to start fresh. I used it as an opportunity to get motivated and clean the house. I redid our monthly calendar with excitement. I booked my first Pilates class for later this week. And this morning I chose to start my work week at a coffee shop vs. my home office. A change of scenery can really do wonders for the mind.

If you’re in a slump of your own, or maybe have just had a streak of exhaustion that’s been heavier than usual, I encourage you to let small things nudge you into a new direction.

Maybe it will be the first of a new month.

Maybe it will be a kind gesture from someone you love.

Maybe it will be the sunshine hitting your face.

Or maybe it will be something you choose to create for yourself.

Whatever it ends up being, let it shake off your exhaustion and bring you peace. Even just for a moment.


Changes in perspective

Change is all around us. From daily responsibilities at work to simple occurrences such as the weather (which is always unpredictable in the great Queen City.) Whether you view that change as uplifting or impeding is based solely on your perspective.

You can choose to resist the change, fight it with all your might and curse the unfamiliar because it forces you to adapt. Or you can choose the route that will be more rewarding in the long run because it will likely happen regardless: you can rewrite the script, accommodate to the changes and do your best to prepare for the unknown. 

You can’t always foresee changes that will happen; they catch you off guard and often sneak up when you least expect it. But your attitude is something that is always in your control. Don’t view the unknown as a frightening change, view it as an opportunity to grow and mature into a better version of yourself.