Logic vs. Intuition

Logic and intuition are funny elements of our daily lives.

Sometimes they go hand in hand and complement one another. Like when you feel something in your gut and your brain says, “yes! this makes sense, follow along.”

Other times, they battle. Your head says one thing and your heart says another. They may both make fair points and have their own rationale, but they just disagree on the matter.

That’s the place I’ve been in lately. My head and my heart have been battling.

My head was saying, “You’re a great cheerleading coach. You add value to the program. You’re talented. You’ve been doing this forever. You’re making a positive difference in your community and with your athletes.”

My heart was saying, “Slow down. Your family needs you more. You’re too spread thin. You deserve to give yourself just as much love as you constantly pour out to others.”

Neither is wrong. They can both be right. There can be space to hold all of it inside of you.

But what do you do? How do you decide?

For me, I have to get really quiet. I have to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and filter away the noise. I have to remove myself from the tug of war.

And then I have to trust my heart.

It’s always guided me in the right direction. It’s never led me astray, even if it didn’t make sense in the moment.

So in this case, my heart won.

I chose to slow down.

It didn’t make the decision any easier. It didn’t stop the tears from flowing. And it doesn’t remove some of the doubt that still creeps in.

But it does give me inner peace.

And these days, that’s worth it.

Creating Space

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working with an incredible mindset coach. After working with a therapist on and off for over a decade, I wanted something similar to therapy, but with a stronger focus on the future and how I can live as my most authentic self. Therapy can offer those things too, but I needed to change it up.

While working with my mindset coach, I found myself eager to create more space in my life. It’s like my mind, body and soul were so full all of the time.

There would be times I would need to just sit down and cry. And the best way I’ve ever been able to describe it is that I just felt too full, and the only way I could make more room was to physically release tears from my body and empty out a bit.

And while that feels cathartic and helpful, I didn’t really want crying to be my only solution 😉

So I started to look at how else I could proactively make space.

I started to slow down so I could take a hard look at why everything felt so full.

I started getting to the root of it.

I started asking myself questions.

How was I spending my days? Not just in terms of time, but in terms of energy. Was I spending more time on things than I really needed to? Was I giving too much of my energy to areas that didn’t really value it? Where was I putting my focus? What was I letting reel me in? What did I enjoy? What did I do begrudgingly?

I started to get really curious. And my mindset coach helped guide me through these curiosities so that it was done in a positive, constructive way.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. My grief deserves to be honored and felt, but it does not deserve to linger. Minimizing this creates space for so many other positive, happy emotions.
  2. You can love something and be good at it and still want space from it.
  3. Joy should always ride shotgun in the front seat.
  4. You can take things seriously and still be lighthearted.
  5. Treat others with respect, but put yourself first. You deserve to take up space.

It’s crazy how creating more space has not made me feel empty.

This space is just a conduit for better things to come in.

Because I actually still feel full, but in new ways.

Full of peace. Full of hope. Full of gratitude.

So I encourage you to pause and ask yourself, could you benefit from creating more space?

til next time

xo K