The difference

Convenient (adjective): fitting in well with a person’s needs, activities, plans; involving little trouble or effort.

Recently I found myself describing a particular relationship in my life as convenient. The second I realized I was referring to a human connection in such a way, it made me shudder; I actually felt a sharp pain in my chest. I suppose it just felt wrong to describe a relationship involving two living, breathing, connected people as convenient. 

It would be different if in addition to being convenient it was also a consistent source of intrinsic fulfillment, intellectual stimulation and reliable across the board. Yet that’s not the way it’s been. It has been flatline convenient, and that’s worrisome to me.

Sure, sometimes convenience can be a beautiful, low-stress situation. But what about what’s best for us? Yes, convenience is what suits our needs, but what about our wants?

It’s not bad to want more of what makes us happy; it’s also not bad to make those desires known and ask for them. How dare we sell ourselves short from the greatness we deserve just because it’s easier to choose the easy option. And how dare we half ass any part of our life just because it requires less work, thoughtfulness and energy.

Convenience is easy. Going after what we truly desire takes effort. The question is, do you think the difference is worth it?



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