I would venture to say that it is quite unbearable, if not impossible, to navigate through the stress and chaos of this world without some help. And lately i’ve found that on the toughest days, ones where you’re likely too stubborn and resistant to do anything but wallow in your own misery, that’s when you can benefit from it the most.

Heaven knows that help can come in all forms: a friend moving you into a new apartment; family supporting you through a difficult situation; a coworker shedding light on a challenging project; a roommate doing the dishes; a mentor assisting you through a new career path; your significant other helping you find comfort in life’s simplicities, maybe even God helping you find peace of mind in things that you just don’t understand.

Try to be open minded and brave enough to ask for help, and on the flip side, offer it to someone else if they appear to be in need. Help shouldn’t be synonymous with weakness or vulnerability, it should be a symbol of strength and a true sense of self. Why carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when you don’t have to? Ask, and you shall receive.




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