Now departing

This morning I dropped my roommate off at the airport. I pulled up to the Southwest sign, put my car in park, got out and gave her a hug.

“Have a great time! Let me know when you land safely. Love you.” I told her.

I looked around at dozens of people: hugging goodbye, smiling hello, some begrudgingly departing. It was the widest array of emotions in such a short amount of time that I’ve seen in awhile.

There are millions of stories circulating in airports each day that, more often than not, remain kept only between the already-connected individuals.

I think of all of the people that may meet for the first time in an airport, possibly see each other for the last time, maybe even fall in love. It completely fascinates me. I am officially adding, “sit at an airport all day long and observe people and learn their stories” to my bucket list. No surprise there if you know me.

Every human emotion you can think of occupies and relentlessly refills the structure of this travel center – mystery, fear, joy, despair, uncertainty, love, worry, anxiety, bliss – it’s all there. It’s the ultimate capsule of heightened emotions and often desperate attempts to show or tell someone how you truly feel. It’s as though a sense of urgency is ignited once you know someone is leaving, and an anxious rush of hope runs through your veins as you wait for someone’s return.

It is also a reminder that when people leave you – temporarily or permanently – sometimes the most you can do is remind them – or make them aware – of how you really feel: hug them like you mean it, pray for their safety, and hope that if it is in your predestined plan, they’ll return to you.

What better time to tell someone how you feel than at the last moment before absolute uncertainty strikes and control no longer rests in your hands? Don’t wait for someone’s departure to make your feelings known.

Of course I had to include clips from two of my favorite movies, both involving not only epic airport scenes, but killer songs for the soundtrack. You’re welcome.

Cruel Intentions: “I’m impressed. Well I’m in love.”

Garden State: “I’m really messed up right now and I’ve got a whole lot of stuff i’ve got to work out. But I don’t want to waste any more of my life without you in it … So what do we do? What do we do?”


3 thoughts on “Now departing

  1. This could not be more accurate… one of the most exciting things about going on vacation, is the ability to meet new people that you may never see again and what do you have to lose! Lets just say there is never a dull moment at the airport when traveling. “I think of all of the people that may meet for the first time in an airport, possibly see each other for the last time”


  2. Hahah as a certified “frequent flier” I 100% agree that airports are the absolute BEST for people watching! Tearful goodbyes and reunions (omgosh watching the internationals arrivals gate is so emotional when US troops come home), tipsy travelers at the food court bars, and my favorite: the tired traveler camped out on two pushed together benches trying to catch a few zzz’s before their next flight! Hahah ok I may be guilty of that last one myself on occasion! 😀

    j. parker


  3. Reading this allowed me to go back in time, down memory lane, of the many trips I was fortunate to have at the airport. My brother and myself, both in the military as well as my husband. Beautiful memories, many of them heart wrenching because of the strong love. You never cease to amaze and inspire me Katie….. I Love You 🙂


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