Make it mutual

I made a mistake. I let some of my friendships slip through the cracks the past few years. I relied on history, the assumed certainty that those who have been there for me before would undoubtedly be there for me again should I need them. And while they likely would, that isn’t fair.

It isn’t fair to keep people in your life just for the moments that you need them.

It isn’t fair to rely on assumptions when dealing with the people that you love.

It isn’t fair to cheat yourself, and the other people involved, of your full attention when you’re together.

If you’re going to be lazy about the relationships — the human interactions that make up so much of who we are: our past, our present, and our uncertain, scary, and hopefully exquisite future — then what is it that you’re going to be wholeheartedly committed to?

My relationships — platonic, professional and romantic — have always been placed at the top of my priority list. Interacting with other passionate and caring individuals brings me the purest happiness that I have ever known. Relationships and stories and connections between people fuel me, intrigue me, and leave me completely captivated.

Multiple relationships of different sorts aren’t easy to maintain, though. They require frequent and honest communication, genuine interaction, tricky schedules and fluctuating emotions that often ride on different wave lengths.

But here’s [what I believe] is the key to any successful relationship, no matter the type: the desire and willingness to be together and grow in respected enjoyment must be mutual. Anything else is an injustice to your own happiness.

“Friendships don’t last for years, you have to invest in them.”

– Sex and the City

Myself, Sam and Hannah

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