Choose wisely

I’m frequently guilty of speaking before my thoughts have fully processed. That often results in me sounding silly, uninformed, ridiculous or some combination of the three. I’m working on it. One thing I do try to make sure of, though, is that I never use my words to intentionally hurt someone.

While I’m a big believer that actions speak louder than words, words can still carry a heavy burden if used maliciously. There’s no grand lesson here that I’ve conjured up from an unexpected circumstance, no deeper meaning. Just a simple rule I believe everyone should do their best to live by: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


2 thoughts on “Choose wisely

  1. Sometimes though people may be doing something harmful to themselves…and you have to speak up. They may not like it nor deem it nice, but someone’s gotta tell them for their wellbeing–that is my only exception to that rule 🙂 Never be afraid to help or be honest. Just do it tactfully.


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