Together as a team

Last Thursday our men’s and women’s basketball teams had their home rivalry games against Niagara University. These games, the men’s in particular, are extremely important to my team.

For one, my coach is a former NU cheerleader, and still has a very close relationship with NU’s head cheerleading coach, as well as girls that are still on the team. She has a reputation with them that we would never want to tarnish. Additionally, aside from the home opener, this is the only game that my team gets to perform our competition routine at the halftime. For us, performing at halftime is a big deal. We get to execute our skills that we’ve been working on since August in front of a live audience. And not just an audience of strangers, but of our peers, our friends, are professors, and our families. A lot of pressure is put on us, but we live for it. Continue reading “Together as a team”