Cheap therapy.

Today’s post comes from the wise insight of my best friend.

“You forgave him but ultimately I think you need to forgive yourself, too. You need to forgive yourself for opening up and letting someone in who ended up hurting you and screwing you over in the end. Not even forgiving like it was a bad thing because stuff like that is inevitable. But I think most of the reason you’re still wrapped up in it is because you can’t fathom the fact that someone you cared so deeply for and cared so deeply for you did that to you. You have to forgive yourself for being so forgiving and still loving him because you can’t help things like that. I know you and I know you keep thinking about everything and playing it back in your head and wondering why and how it happened and what you can do differently. Forgive life for slapping you in the face because you did everything you could and it still happened.

Friends are the cheapest form of therapy. And I am beyond grateful for mine.