2013: the year of mistakes

I made a lot of mistakes in 2013. And I loved every one of them.

My definition of a “mistake”: something that happened either voluntarily or completely by chance that did not work out as planned, yet taught me an incredible lesson.

Mistakes are beautiful to me, primarily because they give me new perspective. Here are 10 mistakes that I made this year that I hope you can learn from, or at the very least, relate to:

1. Date someone “wrong” for you: 

I certainly had my fair share of… interesting… dates in 2013. I challenged my own norm in terms of age, personality types, physical appearance and everything in between. Did any of these wacky dates turn into the love of my life? No. But they challenged me, made me think outside of the box, and gave me some hilarious stories to tell at the bar.

The lesson? If you’re single, look at dating new people as an opportunity to learn something about yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. If you’re taken, feel free to play cupid and send me the love of my life. Thanks.

2. Let your health hit the wall:

I added a lot onto my plate this year. And I mean that both metaphorically and quite literally. As I added commitments, I simultaneously disregarded my healthy eating habits and more often than not chose to eat based on what was convenient with my crazy schedule and lack of effort.

The lesson? Sometimes you need to fall down in order to realize how important getting back up is. Take care of your body. It’s the only one you’ve got.

3. Say yes to absolutely everything:

This mistake of mine drove me insane in 2013, mostly in a good way. Every time someone proposed an opportunity, favor or inkling of a fun adventure to me, I said yes. While I do not regret a single time I agreed to these situations, I think I finally realized that learning to say “no” can be just as valuable.

The lesson? It’s important to evaluate what you’re committing to before you agree to it.

4. Reignite an old flame:

This one is a doozy. Reigniting an old flame, to me, has always been a mistake. Not only are you a different person than who you were when you first dated someone, but there was a reason it ended. Yet sometimes you have to reignite a flame in order to put it out once and for all. Just don’t be an idiot and reignite it more than once.

The lesson? Playing with fire does nothing but burn you.

5. Call it how you see it:

I view this one as a mistake and a blessing at the same time. I’m always going to be a straight shooter. It’s just how I’m programmed. Yet this year I realized that I wouldn’t have to be as direct about how I felt if I didn’t let myself get so wrapped up into a situation in the first place.

The lesson? Say what you mean as soon as you’re sure of it. Don’t wait to let it escalate into a trickier situation than it needs to be.

6. Don’t make time for your oldest friends:

Like I’ve made note of before, I made mistakes when it came to my friendships this past year. I relied on past history to make old, very worthwhile friendships last, and that is no recipe for a successful relationship. Fortunately they weren’t too far gone to fix.

The lesson? Invest in the relationships that mean something to you. It’s that simple.

7. Spend money on things that don’t matter:

Like most twenty-somethings, I fell victim to being an idiot with some of my finances this year. The past few months I have become hyper-aware of this, and after saving and booking two trips for this February, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I want to continue.

The lesson? Donate clothes you don’t wear, be creative with your income, save your money for experiences and investments that matter, and stop going out to eat so much.

8. Snooze your life away:

I could write a novel about all of the ridiculous mistakes that i’ve made simply because I snoozed one-too-many times or slept in too late. I would have saved hundred of dollars in parking tickets (I want to cry as I write that) and a lot of anxiety if I just got up at the right time.

The lesson? Suck it up and get out of bed. The day is going to go on whether you’re a part of it or not, so you may as well kick its ass and be productive. Except on Sundays…

9. Put your eggs in one basket:

I did this one too many times in 2013. I put all of my effort and heart and soul into one project or opportunity just to have it not work out. I’ve learned the past few months to push myself not just to the outskirts of my comfort zone, but way the hell past those barriers. I like to think that I live with little reservation or fear, but in retrospect, I could branch out and explore new opportunities much more.

The lesson? While it can be exhausting (like everything else in life that’s worthwhile) it’s important to consider all options, especially ones that scare the living daylights out of you.

And my favorite mistake of all that I hope to make again and again…

10. Fall flat on your face in love with serendipity:

Some of my absolute favorite mistakes this year happened when I least expected them to. They threw my original plans completely off course, changed everything else I had lined up, shook my faith and made me wonder what the hell I was supposed to do. It was scary. I messed up. I second guessed myself. And I loved it.

The lesson? When something sneaks up on you and tugs on your heartstrings in the best of ways, don’t be a fool and let it pass you by. Embrace it. Challenge it. Fall in love with it.

2013, you’ve been quite the roller coaster ride that I forgot to wear my seatbelt on.

2014, bring it on, baby.




New year, not a new you.

Yup. I’m that girl on New Year’s Eve. The one who broke her phone to the point of no return. The same phone that has the only copies of the pictures my girlfriends and I took. I reached out to people that I probably shouldn’t have (sorry if you fell victim to this). I was asleep in bed before the ball even dropped for reasons that are still a mystery to me. I got dolled up. Wore a new dress that, to be honest, I looked fabulous in, just to share the “big moment of ringing in the new year” with my pillow and teddy bear. I was dead asleep before midnight even hit. Gee, being 23 has never looked so good.

I’m a digital nutcase so the thought of losing everything I have stored on my phone is traumatizing. But, like always, I try to take a lesson out of these plain stupid situations I find myself in the middle of.

You are not defined by the date on the calendar: I do not believe for a second that your year is dictated by what you do or who you are with on January 1st. I brought in 2012 with a now ex-boyfriend and a group of people I barely knew. And 11 out of the next 12 months was spent without those people. And they were an amazing, exciting and extremely memorable 11 months.


One of the only surviving pictures. Thanks, Instagram.

You have the choice to live your year, your month, your week, even your day, however you choose. I laugh at everyone who says, “new year, new me!”. If it takes a giant ball dropping down a big tower and tons of people gathered together yelling “Happy New Year” in unison to make you realize that you’re a “new person”, then I think you need a wake up call. But that’s just my own blunt opinion.

For now, I’ll hang out and hope that my iPhone, which is now submerged in a bowl of rice, will magically revive itself before I head to AT&T at 10 a.m. and drop an unnecessary amount of money on a new one. Until then, think about what kind of life you want to live. Not just what kind of year. 2013 and every year after will only be as good as the effort you put in each and every day.