Let love in

In the popular sitcom Sex & the City, there’s an episode centered around when Carrie says, “don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.” And as I walked from the train and into work today, that one liner was repeating itself over and over in my head.

For those of you who really know me, and maybe even those who don’t, i’m a very confident young woman. I’m proud of who I am, what I stand for, and am so grateful for the people in my life who helped get me here. In a nutshell: i fell in love with myself a long time ago, and I have no intention of that ever changing.

However, the question that popped into my head was, “and then what?”

Despite the inevitable continued growth and change that life brings, what happens after you fall in love with yourself and are happy with the person you are?

Then what?

Maybe the answer to this one really is as obvious as it sounds. Maybe the next logical step really is this: let someone else enter your life who can love you just as much as you love yourself.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s next.

Let love in.


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