No past attached

More often than not, we make present choices based off of past experiences. And while in most instances that’s smart, given that our past usually teaches us a lesson and makes us wiser, what about when the past clouds our judgement and makes us act out of fear, rather than wisdom? What then?

Instead, what if we had the chance to start each day with a completely clean slate, no past attached. We could interact with one another as though there’s no history that may influence our actions. We could try new things without worry or anxiety that it may not work out in the future. We could take a risk and not second guess whether it’s the right move or not.

We could live in the moment. Just as it is.

This doesn’t have to be a hypothetical situation. As you go about your day, try to make your decisions out of courage rather than fear. Trust that while your yesterdays are important because they led you to this moment, they aren’t the deciding factor in how and why you make your next move.

Because here’s the truth: there’s no better time to live your life than right now. Don’t let your past rob you of the present.


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