What’s my age again?

Last night I went to the Sabres game with one of my best girlfriends. As horrible yet catchy made-popular-by-the-radio songs blasted through the arena, we started dancing in our seats: two blondes in a sea of older guys who stared at us like we were out of our minds. They were not very amused.

photo (1)
Blondies enjoying the game. Note the lurker in the back wearing the hat. What’s up, sir?

My friend looked at me and said, “I have to stop doing this! I’m almost 27!” I laughed and called her old because I am only 24 and rarely think of the fact she’s almost three years older than I am. Yet that situation, as well as having “What’s My Age Again” by Blink 182 come on the radio on my drive to work this morning (score!) got me thinking: why does our age dictate our behavior, and in some cases, the timeline of our life’s milestones?

So many people I know say things like, “I want to be married by the time I’m 30.” “I want to have kids before I’m 35.”

It’s all so planned out!

Now of course I would like to have a family sometime before I’m old enough to be in an assisted living facility. But what is the rush to match up an age with a milestone? Our society places this pressure on us to have our career, love life, family and friends not just figured out, but set in stone by a specific age. We do not hear “take each day as it comes” nearly enough.

Yes, have aspirations for your future and where you want it to go. But don’t let yourself be so consumed by what hasn’t even happened yet that you forget to appreciate what you’ve already been blessed with.




2 thoughts on “What’s my age again?

    1. When I turned 60, my dream party became a reality!! My BEST friend from kindergarten (still one of my best buddies), a colleague from East Rochester High School, and my children and some of their friends went to LAZAR tag.. It was SO much FUN. I know it’s not the kind of party most Boomers would want, but it was PERFECT for me and my family.
      NEVER SURRENDER! and remember to TICKLE the Universe


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