Dig up hope

It’s strange how unintentionally digging up the past can make you question the present.

Why didn’t it turn out the way it was ‘supposed’ to? I thought for sure I would have certain people in my life, now they’re just a distant memory.

I know this may not be the most advanced adjective to use, but digging up the past can really just make you feel sad — that things didn’t turn out how you anticipated, that the bubble burst and reality was so far off from anything your naive mind could have come up with.

But more than all of that, digging up the past can also make us extremely hopeful if we choose to alter our perception in such a way. Hopeful that the plan God has laid out for us is much grander than the circumstances we’ve experienced thus far, that at any given moment our life could change drastically for the better.

But most importantly, hopeful that maybe sometimes a crummy past is exactly what you need to guide you to a beautiful future.


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