What I believe.

I believe in taking care of yourself – mind, body and soul. I believe in being bold, and not just asking for what you want, but sometimes demanding it. The fear of rejection could always linger over your head. It’s up to you to decide to actively remove that fear yourself. I believe in holding on to something you care about for as long as humanly possible until it so clearly becomes a stressful burden. I believe in letting go, moving on to better things and fighting like hell to remember the past for its sweet memories rather than its bitter ones.

I believe in balancing a stressful day with a nice glass of wine. I believe in busting your ass at the gym so you can go home and eat a bowl of ice cream without feeling guilty. I place an importance on making sure people know how I truly feel about them. I think there’s an elegance about handling a situation with poise and grace rather than ignorance and brash immaturity. Beauty to me means being candid, humble about your accomplishments and unashamed of your flaws.

You may disagree with me on all of this. You may very well believe the exact opposite. But as long as you believe in something that you’re proud of and passionate about, the rest is irrelevant.


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