A feeling of immediacy.

The horrific tragedy that happened in Newtown, C.T. today broke America’s heart. My Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts are flooded with thoughts from my friends and family about the occurrence. Some comments are rooted in anger and disgust. However, most of them are based around this feeling of immediacy — a need to express their appreciation, gratitude and love for the individuals in their life that are still alive and breathing today.

Life has a deceptive way of shedding a positive light on reality just moments after a dark and gruesome situation occurs. Maybe that’s the price we pay for living our lives too fast. For having shallow exchanges instead of meaningful conversations. For waving goodbye instead of hugging. For working through lunch instead of enjoying time with your coworkers.

So cut the crap already. Life is too uncertain to allow yourself to be indecisive. Embrace someone like you mean it; the kind of embrace where you close your eyes as your arms are wrapped around the other person and you breathe them in before you unwind.

Listen to someone when they open up to you. I mean really listen. Don’t start thinking of your response halfway through their sentence and then blurt it out the second they take a breath. Digest what they’re saying and allow it to sink in. You’d want someone to do the same for you.

Say what you feel (I’m an obvious advocate of this). Truly. You’ve got to say it. Those words that are on the tip of your tongue. That feeling that is sitting at the pit of your stomach. That instinct that is tearing at your gut. You’ve got to let it out. If for no other reason than you may not have the chance to do it tomorrow.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those affected by the tragedy that occurred today in Newtown, C.T. Tell someone at home you love them.


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