Good in the moment.

Too often we think about the possible consequences of our actions. Sometimes circumstances require us to sit down, evaluate, analyze and discuss before we can decide. But more often than not, the choices in our life require much less effort.

We have grown so accustomed to worrying about things that we sometimes forget to simply do things because they feel good in the moment. So this is a reminder to do those things. Today. Without hesitation.

Say what you mean. Make a fool of yourself if only to brighten someone’s day. Fall head over heels in love. Speak your mind, even if it scares the hell out of you. Take an extra piece out of the candy jar. Ask for the money back that you let someone borrow. Play hookie. Send random ‘I love you’ texts to your parents, their day will be made because of it. Spend too much money on the perfect pair of shoes. Get away for a weekend. Kiss someone if it feels right. Make commitments that you’re sure will teach you a lesson, good or bad. Kick your own ass at the gym even if you look like a sweaty mess. Swear when you’re pissed. Smile when you’re happy. Let go of that grudge. Apologize for your mistakes and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable.

There will never be a ‘perfect time’ for anything. So don’t think. Do.


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