Masking the past.

All around the world, right now, at this very second, people are enjoying being in the company of others. They are laughing, flirting, dancing, and conversing with one another.

Strangers are breaking the ice with other strangers. Boyfriends and girlfriends are strengthening their bond. Some boyfriends are talking to girls other than their significant other, and some girlfriends are off cheating on their boyfriend with some guy that doesn’t even care what her name is.

Ex-boyfriends are laughing with new women who day by day mask the memories of past loves. Moms and Dads are meeting new soon-to-be in-laws and welcoming them into a new family, even if others have been welcomed before them.

It happens every day, hundreds and hundreds of times all over again. We meet new people. We create new relationships. We forget old ones. And the world moves on without us whether we’re ready for it to or not.


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