Make time.

You may never really know how much you influence another person’s life. A smile may turn their entire day around, a good laugh may pull them out of a difficult and ongoing situation, and a few kind words may leave them feeling more valuable and worthwhile than they have in months. You never know.

So take the time for others. If someone stops to say hello, don’t brush them off; ask them how their day is going, what their plans are for the weekend, or if anything new is going on. If someone looks a little down, ask if there’s anything you can do for them; let them know you’re available if they want to talk, or simply offer them a smile when they pass by.

There is always time for the seemingly insignificant things in life, for these things are often the most important in the long run. It is little things that shape our character, strengthen our morals, and lead us astray from the common, ordinary, and redundant path that could leave us with a stagnant life. Take time for other people. Take time for yourself. And be kind to everyone you meet.


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