An accident that struck the heart of my neighboring hometown never ceases to give me goosebumps.

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In the quaint, laid back town of Fairport, New York, summer days fly by faster than you can drive with your windows down. For the few months of the year where Western New York enjoys what many consider to be ideal weather, spirits are high and good times are to be had.

Good times are exactly what the future held for Meredith McClure, Hannah Congdon, Katie Shirley, Bailey Goodman and Sara Monnat. In June of 2007, all five of those young women had recently graduated from Fairport High School and were looking forward to enjoying one last summer together before they would head off to their respective colleges. All five had graduated only days prior before they headed lakeside to reign in the summer of 2007. And all five would have their lives cut short due to an accident that  Sgt. Tate Colburn of the Ontario County sheriff’s department referred…

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