It did

Life changes in a matter of seconds. Each moment shapes us, molds us, and creates us into a different variation of who we are. Yet sometimes we don’t even realize the moments that pass until they have added up and accumulated into one giant change that we are forced to accustom ourselves to.

Maybe the change comes in the addition of a new job, a new place to live, or a new relationship… maybe the change comes in the loss of one of these things. Whatever the case may be, acknowledge it. Accept it. Because these changes happen as a result of each decision you make and each moment that enters your life. And although I don’t believe there is a reason for every circumstance that happens, I do believe that each thing that happens to you is supposed to happen. We may never know why, but we can have faith that if for no other reason, changes help us grow and become stronger. That in itself is reason enough to be grateful.

“I guess it was supposed to happen… because it did.”


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