Hold on to the good

Have you ever noticed the gravitational pull that the world has on us sometimes? Towards people, specifically. Sometimes people do terrible things — it doesn’t always mean that they’re terrible people, but maybe that they messed up, were confused, or got lost in a moment that was so outside of their normal realm that they were unsure of how to handle themselves. These bad actions can hurt us, though. They can make us question the familiar and the stable and the goodhearted. But despite the doubts, despite the uncertainties, despite the heartache and the confusion, we get pulled back. Something keeps us close. Maybe it’s the fear of losing the familiar. Maybe it’s the confusion of not knowing what to do. Or maybe it’s the small piece of hope that we hang on to, wishing that those terrible things that have been done to us weren’t because people are terrible, but because people simply make mistakes. Maybe it’s that small hope that when the hurt is put aside, love, in some  mysterious and twisted form, still remains.


4 thoughts on “Hold on to the good

  1. hope whispers “try one more time”… that was our favorite saying Junior year (first semester) 🙂
    p.s. love your blog.


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