Where’s your credibility?

As I thought about my next blog post I had a million thoughts running through my head. I was wondering how I would compel anyone to read about cheerleading; why would the rest of you listen to me about a topic you may or may not be familiar with, or even care about. Well this blog is going to tell you why I am a credible source for this topic…so here we go.

I have been cheering for 13 years (since I was 8 years old), or to break it down further: 104 months, 416 weeks, roughly 2,080 days, and about 6,240 hours…. and counting. On top of that, I am a certified youth cheerleading coach for elementary and middle school children. I love cheerleading. Despite what anyone else may say, it is my biggest passion, my biggest stress reliever, my main source of friendships, and a form of fulfilling happiness in my life. It’s safe to say that I have picked up a thing or two throughout the years. I have had the time to learn and perfect my skills, have had the opportunity to teach others about the sport that I love, and have been actively engaged and integrated in the environment long enough to stay on top of trends, acquire new skills, and continually expand my collection of knowledge. I am constantly reading, researching, and enjoying cheerleading. So although I may be a 22 year old cheerleader for a private Jesuit institution, my past and continual experience has given me the knowledge and qualification for this blog.

If anyone is interested in seeing a video of my Canisius College Cheerleading team competing last spring, you can view it here: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/video/video.php?v=10150157062068861&subj=644510855


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