Run away, baby

Lately i’ve been thinking, “what’s the harm in running away?”

Take that as literally or metaphorically as you’d like.

Everyone, including myself sometimes, preaches, “You can’t run from your problems. You have to face them head on and work through them.” And while I certainly agree with that, does the same cliche apply even when you’ve worked through that problem over and over again and it just won’t change or go away?

When your problems come back in predictable cycles one too many times for your bruised heart to handle, is it that bad of an idea to ditch the problem altogether and run away?

Maybe by doing this, we’ll gain new perspective, a chance to see the problem in a way that for whatever reason we weren’t able to before.

Only you can decide if ditching the problem and starting fresh is the right move or not.  Just make sure you know that when you ditch a problem, it may not be there to fix if you decide to come back to it later.

Is the risk worth it?