Let’s fall in love

While I believe I am quite the confident young woman, I still try to be as humble and grounded as possible. But when it comes to promoting a cause that I am involved in and believe in, all of that modesty goes completely out the window.

If you haven’t heard already, I am a part of the inaugural “Date on Purpose” event — a charity dating auction that has a twist:

“Live event bachelor, bachelorette auctions exist all the time, we have them here. What we’re doing that’s different is we’ve added an online component. So people can get online and bid for some of Buffalo’s most eligible singles,” entrepreneur and organizer Frank Gullo said.

Place the top bid and you win a date with your chosen bachelor/bachelorette, with the money going to help fund the brand new John Oishei Childrens Hospital being built on Buffalo’s medical campus.

I mean, c’mon… why wouldn’t I get involved and put myself up for bid? I’m young, single, adore my city and its charities, and am completely shameless about the fact that I love love. It’s really a perfect event for me to be a part of.

However, i’m not available online, folks. If you want to win a date with me, you have to attend the live event this Friday. Gotta put in that extra effort to get together with this quirky blonde!

I’m crossing my fingers that my sarcasm and ridiculous amounts of energy is incentive enough for you eligible bachelors to walk through that door, donate your hard earned money to a good cause and get to know me better.

Yikes, that’s daunting. I tend to tackle situations that initially scare me a bit, though, so this is no different.

Perhaps my answers to these questions will entice you to attend the live event. Or you can watch me be awkward on camera in this video:

Who knows, maybe my future husband is reading this. Hey, it could happen! It’s a long shot, but I have been mocked for worse things than believing love can sneak up on you at any time — or in this case, bid on you.

Take a chance. If you’re lucky, you’ll fall in love. If not, I guarantee you’ll still meet some fantastic individuals while simultaneously donating to an extremely worthwhile cause.

So go ahead. Date on Purpose.

Date on Purpose
Yours truly.


Get your tickets for the live event before time runs out.

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Round and round

Coming full circle on a situation is a funny circumstance to find yourself in the middle of.

The setting is the same. The people are the same. The context ends up being near identical.

But even when you go from Point A back to Point A and are now where you once were, the journey you took is what ultimately made you a different person when you landed there that second time.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, having everything right in front of you that once was all you needed. It’s nostalgic, really. And it’s okay to be mesmerized and slightly enchanted by the fact that you’re fortunate enough to have a beautiful past reveal itself a time or two again in your present.

Just make sure you’re strong enough to realize that once you’re back to that initial point — once you’ve traveled the circle and made your way around — it’s then that the red flag should wave, giving off this warning: going in circles never drove anyone anywhere except for crazy.